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Explore the scenic Sonoran Desert with an experienced guide.  Learn about local plants, animals, geology, and history.  A variety of treks are available, from modest rolling desert to challenging mountain terrain. 


Hiking shoes are recommended, but any sturdy athletic footwear will do.  Wearing a hat is a good idea.  We’ll supply a waist pack, water bottle, and transportation. 


Here are some options:


Overton Trail

RATING: Moderate.  Some climbing.

Classic 3.2-mile loop hike.

Good choice for most hikers.


Slate Trail

RATING: Moderate.  Great scenery.

Up to 3.3 miles total -- out & back.

Dense stands of saguaro cactus.


Go John Trail

RATING: Moderate-to-Strenuous.

Long, 5.8-mile loop.

Includes steep & rugged terrain.



“Walk the Rock”  (October - May)

Follow a guide through the boulders on this short, but rugged, primitive path through raw desert habitat, just a stone’s throw from the resort.  Get a close-up look at “Levitation Rock,” and 700-year-old Hohokam Indian artifacts.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Wear athletic clothing suitable for the weather, and sturdy athletic shoes. 

Participants must be at least 16 years of age.  Be advised that hiking, biking, and climbing

are inherently dangerous activities.  Safety will take precedence over all other concerns.

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