Mother Nature sets the schedule for outdoor adventure in the Arizona Desert.† Our activities are scheduled for the ideal times, considering weather, daylight, and temperature.


From May thru October, Rock Climbing is afternoon-only (in the shade of the rock), while Hiking and Mountain Biking are morning-only, due to desert heat.†


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We donít doubt that your 13-year-old can climb or bike better than many 30-somethings.† Please know that our age restrictions are not about ability, experience, or size.† They are about personal responsibility and insurance.


Climbing for Kids

Indoor climbing gyms are a great activity for kids and families.† The nearest to the Boulders Resort is AZ on The Rocks.† Our favorite is the Phoenix Rock Gym.

Age Restrictions: 16 & Up

Please, please, please show up wearing sturdy athletic footwear for all adventure activities.† The desert is no place for sandals of any kind, not even sports sandals.


Hiking boots are great, but running shoes or tennis shoes will do nicely.† Save your open-toe or open-heel footwear for hanging around by the pool.

Sensible Shoes

Sawyer offers short-term, hourly bike rentals from the Waldorf Astoria Spa at The Boulders.†


For those looking for overnight rentals, multi-day rentals, road bike rentals, full-suspension mountain bike rentals, etc., we recommend the nearby Spur Cross Cycles or Flat Tire Bike Shop , both in Cave Creek.†

Overnight Bike Rentals

The guides of Sawyer Adventures are dedicated professionals who consider your absolute enjoyment as their #2 priority -- because SAFETY comes first.


Most Sawyer guides are EMTs, and many are members of the local Mountain Rescue team.† Most have college degrees, and many hold advanced degrees.


All Sawyer guides are extremely fit, well-trained, and are seasoned experts in desert hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing.


Come on out and catch our enthusiasm for the amazing Sonoran Desert!

Sawyer Guides

The web is a great source for local adventure info, but we strongly recommend obtaining a guidebook and the pertinent topo map(s) associated with any self-guided adventure.


If your plan is to ask for detailed backcountry info from a Spa Agent or a Resort Concierge, you probably need a guide.


Please note that cell phones often do not work in the Arizona backcountry.† For more info, consult these Outdoor Safety Tips from Central Arizona Mountain Rescue.

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