Mountain Biking

Desert Mountain Biking

Enjoy a guided tour on some of Arizona's best trails, located just pedaling distance from the Boulders Resort.  The rolling desert terrain is both challenging and fun, while the scenery is unforgettable. 


Our mountain bikes are full-suspension models with disc brakes.  We'll also supply the helmet, water bottles, and some expert riding tips.


We use regular flat pedals.  If you prefer

cleat-shoe pedals, just bring yours along!



Nightride Bike Tour

Night-riding is a great outdoor adventure.  The desert comes alive at night as we cruise along the resort’s roller-coaster golfcart paths by the light of high-tech LED systems.


These “trails” are paved, so this activity is geared for the night-riding novice.  We’ll supply the bike, helmet, water, and 500-lumen lighting system.



Bike Rentals

We also have bikes that can be rented by the hour.  We recommend wearing a helmet, and if you are under 18, we insist.



We strongly discourage any desert

off-road bike riding without a guide.

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Desert Hiking

Mountain Biking

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PLEASE NOTE:  Wear athletic clothing suitable for the weather, and sturdy athletic shoes. 

Participants must be at least 16 years of age.  Be advised that hiking, biking, and climbing

are inherently dangerous activities.  Safety will take precedence over all other concerns.

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