Rock Climbing

Experience the thrill of real rock climbing on the resortís majestic granite.† Yes, you can do this!† Our program is a genuine rock climbing experience, with natural routes rising up to 75 feet.† Exhilarating!


Climbing relies on technique, not raw strength, so participants are often surprised by their own abilities.† Our expert guides supply all the gear and teach the basic skills.


Is this activity suitable for beginners?

Yes. Most of our participants have never climbed, or have only climbed indoors.


What if Iím afraid of heights?

Everyone is, to some degree. That just means youíre normal!


How strong or fit do I need to be?

Upper-body strength is not a factor. If you can climb a tall ladder, you have the physical ability for rock climbing.


Is it true women often out-climb men?

Yes.† Climbing is all about finesse.




Private Property.† No other climbing,

bouldering, or scrambling is allowed.

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Rock Climbing

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PLEASE NOTE:† Wear athletic clothing suitable for the weather, and sturdy athletic shoes.†

Participants must be at least 16 years of age.† Be advised that hiking, biking, and climbing

are inherently dangerous activities.† Safety will take precedence over all other concerns.

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